Delicious greek breakfast ArtBlue Villas Lefkada

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ArtBlue Villas

Healthy & Rich Breakfast served in your own villa on wake up overlooking the deep Ionian Sea

This is what Artblue villas accommodation is all about.

Feel the morning breeze and relax, while tasting your handmade traditional breakfast that gives you the chance to do a delicious journey in the culture of Lefkada island.

This journey consists of:

  • a choice of organic fruits
  • juices, yogurts
  • cereal and breads
  • honey and jams
  • hot plates and cold cuts
  • eggs cooked in several ways
  • pastries
  • drinks and champagne wine.

And as we know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day please enjoy that glorious champagne breakfast that will awake your senses!

Delicious greek breakfast